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Best Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth During Sports

When you have an active child – and who doesn’t? – it’s always best to protect the youngster’s teeth. Losing teeth – especially permanent ones – can cause an unattractive smile and serious dental bills that everyone would rather avoid. In fact, it’s smart to protect your child’s entire mouth to really stay on the safe side.

All in all, there are three specific types of teeth protection that we would like to share with you today. Choose the method that appeals to you the most based on your child’s sport of choice. This way you’ll know that your young one is protected at all times and feel confident that your son or daughter will not have an accident that will come at the cost of losing teeth, because that would be a real shame.

3 Important Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Safe & Protected

As you can imagine, wearing a mouth guard is the ultimate form of teeth and mouth protection when your child is playing sports. There are three main types of mouth guards that we recommend and we’ll share information about each one in greater detail below.

Ready-to-Wear Mouth Guard. Out of all of the mouth guards we’ll talk about today, this is the most common type and the one that children will use most often. This guard is the most popular for a few different reasons. To start with, since it is the most massed produced, it is also the least expensive option. Finding a cost effective solution is always a concern for many, so using this inexpensive guard makes perfect sense in that regard. It’s easy to find in large sporting goods stores which also help to improve its popularity. By being easy to find in your average sporting goods store, it’s also easy to buy and readily available for use. Finally, it’s available in a range of sizes for all mouth types. Typically, you’ll find this mouth guard available in small, medium and large. Choose the size best suited for your teeth.

Boil Mouth Guards. This option is different from the first in one very specific way. Just like the ready-to-wear option, this guard is available in small, medium and large. The major difference is that you boil it after you buy it. This will soften it up, and once it’s soft, you can easily bite down onto the guard. A mold of your teeth will be created when you do this while the guard is soft. Once your teeth are molded, the guard will harden, preserve the mold and protect your teeth every time you wear it.

Custom Mouth Guards. Custom guards are last, but certainly not least. In fact, they are the most effective option and provide the highest level of protection. In order to get a guard like this, you’ll have to make an appointment with your local dentist or orthodontist. They will create a custom mold specifically designed to fit perfectly over your teeth. This is the ideal way to protect your child’s pearly whites.

Remember to protect your child’s teeth at all times during sports. Also, continue to check out our blog for more updates on best dental tips.


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